What is Titty Grab?

Titty Grab requires concentration and fast reflexes! Players take turns flipping cards face-up. When two cards match, grab that Titty fast! The first player to get rid of all his cards wins!




Get rid of all your cards and win the game!


Place the Titty in the center of all players.
Shuffle the cards face-down and deal them out equally so each player has a stack in front of them. Players may not look at their cards.
Place any remaining cards face-down under the Titty. The dealer starts the first round.
Before gameplay begins, each player must decide whether to play with his left hand or right hand. That is the ONLY hand he can use to flip cards or, when the time comes, grab the Titty.
Players take turns, in clockwise order, revealing one card, face-up, from their own stack making sure all players see the card's face at the same time. Each player maintains a discard pile, and only the top card of the pile remains visible.

Titty Grab Rule

When two identical cards appear, the players with matching cards must grab that Titty! Whoever grabs it first, wins that Titty Grab. In the event of a tie, the player touching most of the nipple wins.

The loser of the Titty Grab adds the following cards to his stack :

  • - All of the winner's discard pile.
  • - All of the loser's discard pile.
  • - All cards under the Titty

The winner of the Titty Grab flips the next card and play continues.

False Grab Rule

If any player grabs or touches the Titty mistakenly or without cause (ex. there is no match on the table) that player must add all players’ discard piles and all cards under the Titty to his stack.


For Advanced Players: There are three types of special cards in the deck. Beginners may wish to set these aside before beginning play.


When this card is revealed, everyone Titty Grabs! The first player to grab the Titty wins. The winner places all of his discard pile under the Titty. The winner flips his next card and play continues.


When this card is played, all players with matching categories (Titty, Butt, Frontal, Silhouettes) must Titty Grab! (See the Cards Categories Reference for a listing of cards in each category.) The loser(s) must take all of the winner’s face-up cards along with all cards under the Titty and add them to their deck. In the case of more than one loser, the losers distribute the cards evenly, leaving any remainding cardsunder the Titty.
This card stays“active” for as long as it is showing on the table.
NOTE: Remove the Category Grab cards and cooresponding teaser card from the deck if playing with less than 4 players.

cards_allgrab cards_allgrab

When these cards are played, do nothing.
BE CAREFUL: Do not mistake these cards for the All Grab or Category Grab cards. If a player Titty Grabs when these cards are played, the False Grab Rule applies.


To win, a player must get rid of all the cards in their hand along with all cards in their face-up flip pile.
If the final card a player flips from their deck is an All Grab Card, they win immediately without having to get rid of their flip pile.
If the final card a player flips from their deck is a Category Grab Card or one of the Teaser Cards, the player must pick up their face-up flip pile back into their hand and the game continues.


NOTE: There are 4 of each of the following cards in the deck. It is important that you review and notice the differences.

cards_breasts1 cards_breasts2 cards_breasts3 cards_breasts4
cards_front1 cards_front2 cards_front3 cards_front4
cards_butt1 cards_butt2 cards_butt3 cards_butt4
cards_silhouette1 cards_silhouette2 cards_silhouette3
cards_silhouette4 cards_silhouette5 cards_silhouette6

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